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    July 2, 2020 | 10Hundred Series Webinar | 42.00 MInute Listen

    EMPLOYMENT | Back to Business – A US Benefits Perspective

    Partners from our US Employment & Benefits practice—Maureen Gorman, Debbie Hoffman, Ryan Liebl and Stephanie Vasconcellos—for a discussion on how employers should navigate these issues when planning and implementing a return to work.



    June 24, 2020 |  10Hundred Series Webinar

    EMPLOYMENT| Back to Business – A Hong Kong Employment Law Perspective

    Partners from our Hong Kong Employment & Benefits Group – Hong Tran and Jennifer Tam – discuss how employers should navigate these issues now that the workplace is re-opened.


    June 24, 2020 | Global Financial Markets Initiative Webinar

    SUPPLY CHAIN | 10 Key Issues to Managing an Effectie Supply Chain 

    Effective supply chain management is an essential part of most businesses. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the challenges a company faces when supply chains are disrupted in an integrated global economy. While companies will be impacted differently by COVID-19, all companies should now be reconsidering their supply chain strategies, the rapidly changing regulatory environment, and how best to manage risk and build value in their supply chains. Angelia Chia, Alex Dell, Reginald Goeke, Audrey Harris and Brad Peterson discuss.


    June 18, 2020 |  Global Financial Markets Initiative Webinar

    COVID-19: Lessons for the Future of Debt Collection

    Mayer Brown partners Debra Bogo-Ernst and Eric Mitzenmacher and associate Anjali Garg discuss the Heroes Act and various other federal and state debt collection-related actions that may offer a glimpse into the future of debt collection as we know it.


    June 16, 2020 |  44.27 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Impact on State and Local Government Finance – Key Risks for Government Vendors, Lenders and Bondholders

    Mayer Brown partners Joe Seliga, John Schmidt, David Narefsky, Sean Scott, Stephanie Wagner and Mitch Holzrichter as they discuss the fiscal realities now facing US state and local governments.



    June 10, 2020 |  Webinar

    The Moral of the Story: Rethinking Legal and Communications Risk in Light of COVID-19

    Alex Lakatos, Michael Levy, Kevin Bailey and Tamika Hawkins deliver “The Moral of the Story” webinar, explore the areas likely to be the focus of initial media, congressional, and enforcement inquiries, walks through a hypothetical scenario illustrating the shifting state of risk and potential liabilities and provides practical guidance for aligning legal and communications strategies as preventative and risk reduction measures

    To view a recording of the webinar or the presentation materials, please send us an email.


    June 5, 2020 |  5.40 Minute Listen

    RESTRUCTURING | Episode 5 – The Exercise of Contractual Termination Provisions – Temporary COVID-19 Changes Introduced by the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Bill

    Amy Halsall discusses the proposed changes to restrict a supplier’s ability to exercise contractual termination rights on insolvency, introduced by the Bill.



    June 4, 2020 | Global Financial Markets Initiative Webinar |  38.23 Minute Listen

    CFPB Update | Consumer Protection in the Age of Coronavirus

    Mayer Brown partners Ori Lev and Stephanie Robinson for an update on recent developments at the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). D



    June 3, 2020 |  9.52 Minute Listen

    RESTRUCTURING | Episode 4 – Standalone Moratorium for Companies –  COVID-19 Changes Introduced by the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Bill

    In the fourth episode of this series, Sheena Frazer discusses the new Standalone Moratorium introduced by the Bill.



    June 2, 2020 |  9.00 Minute Listen

    RESTRUCTURING | Episode 3 – Restructuring Plan for Companies in Financial Difficulty – Temporary COVID-19  Changes Introduced by the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Bill

    In the third episode of this series, Devi Shah discusses the new Restructuring Plan introduced by the Bill, including some of its interesting features which distinguish it from the existing regime relating to schemes of arrangement.



    June 2, 2020 | 4.31 Minute Listen

    RESTRUCTURING | Episode 2 – Winding-Up Petitions – Temporary COVID-19 Changes Introduced by the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Bill

    In the second episode of this series, Amy Jacks discusses the temporary restrictions to winding-up petitions introduced in the Bill.



    June 2, 2020 | 3.43 Minute Listen

    RESTRUCTURING | Episode 1 Wrongful Trading – Temporary COVID-19 Changes Introduced by the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Bill

    In the first episode of this series, Nicola Collins discusses the temporary suspension of liability for wrongful trading, included in the Bill.



    June 1, 2020 , 2020 | 11.49 Minute Listen

    Episode 11 – UK Pensions Law Video – Podcast version

    In this episode, Beth Brown summarises the key points in the guidance that the Pensions Regulator has produced during the COVID-19 crisis.



    May 28, 2020 | 60.14 Minute Listen

    Back to Business – Employment & Benefits Global Webinar Series

    As various jurisdictions around the world begin to ease restrictions, multinational employers are grappling with a wide range of issues and risks that need to be addressed when planning a safe return to the workplace.

    Mayer Brown’s new global series will illuminate the key areas of potential liability and provide practical tips to help employers minimize risks in returning to work. Throughout the months of June and July, we will develop the series on a country by country basis, where our speakers will drill deeper into the key areas that will need particular attention. Dates for these sessions, outlined below, will be released shortly.



    May 27, 2020 |

    “Back to Business” for Outsourcing and other Technology-Based Services Contracts

    Technology Transactions partners Dan Masur, Brad Peterson and Linda Rhodes, along with senior associate Julian Dibbell, discuss steps to consider for outsourcing and other technology-based services contracts as we emerge from the pandemic.



    May 7, 2020 |  31.35 Minute Listen

    Not Out of the Woods Yet: Will Your Closed Deal Be “Repriced” by COVID-19?

    Corporate/M&A partners Paul Crimmins and Jennifer Keating and Litigation partner Brian Massengill discuss some key considerations for M&A practitioners in pending transactions, whether closed deals may be “repriced” and areas in which post-closing disputes may arise. This topic is likely to generate significant interest in the industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and related global financial crisis. Recorded on May 4, 2020 (prior to the resolution of the Victoria’s Secret litigation).



    May 7, 2020 |  39.57 Minute Listen

    A Storm’s a Brewin’! – The Inevitable Government Regulatory Scrutiny of the Response to the Current Pandemic

    Mayer Brown partners Marcia Madsen, Stephanie Robinson and Richard Rosenfeld  discuss what you need to know and what you need to do in regards to regulatory scrutiny during the current pandemic.



    May 5, 2020 |  23.04 Minute Listen

    The Main Street Lending Program – The Federal Reserve’s Revised Proposed Terms

    Mayer Brown partners Fred Fisher, Jeff Taft, and Adam Wolk and associate Logan Payne discuss the changes announced by the Federal Reserve Board on April 30 where they have stated that they will be expanding the scope and eligibility for the Main Street Lending Program in order to further help credit flow to small and medium-sized businesses that were in sound financial condition before the COVID-19 pandemic.



    April 30, 2020 |  26.04 Minute Listen

    Bridging the Gap: Non-Cash Consideration in Post COVID-19 M&A

    M&A partners Paul Crimmins and Jennifer Keating and counsel Rebecca Seidl discuss non-cash considerations in post COVID-19 M&A.



    April 30, 2020 |  10.14 Minute Listen

    Episode 10 – UK Pensions Law Video – Podcast version

    In this cross practice episode, Jessica Walker and Beth Brown talk about how trustees might deal with COVID-19, including continuing to run their schemes and thinking about the potential impact on sponsoring employers.



    April 29, 2020 |  61.07 Minute Listen

    Life in the Time of Corona: What do UK Employers Need to be Thinking About Next?



    April 20, 2020 |  28:49 Minute Listen

    COVID-19 and Corporate Governance: Key Issues for Public Company Directors



     April 20, 2020 |  24:56 Minute Watch

    The Coronavirus pandemic: How London’s FSRE team can help financial services clients

    Emma Khoo presents  how Mayer Brown’s non-contentious FSRE team in London can help financial services clients during the pandemic.



    April 06, 2020 |  35:11 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Mortgage Servicing Advance Facilities – What to Watch For

    With forbearance now available for consumers under agency loans for up to a year and with states starting to follow suit, how will non-bank mortgage servicers fund the resulting shortfalls to investors and other third parties? Partners Jon Van Gorp, Krista Cooley and Laurence Platt discuss.



    April 02, 2020 |  34:05 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Are You Essential? Making Sense of Conflicting Workplace Directives Attempting to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

    On March 19, Northern California counties issued orders directing their residents to shelter in place in an effort to reduce the risk that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 would be transmitted. Partners Thomas Delaney, Henninger Bullock and Marcia Madsen discuss.



    April 02, 2020 |  28:45 Minute Listen

    The China Experience – Understanding the evolution of the COVID 19 crisis

    As the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold in Europe and the US, there has been some encouraging news from China as the number of new cases has slowed dramatically. International business leaders are recognising that China is at a different stage in the COVID-19 pandemic cycle compared to many other major economies. Ian Lewis discusses.



    March 30, 2020 |  40:52 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: New Guidance from the GSEs and Federal Agencies Impacting Mortgage Loans and Program Requirements



    March 26, 2020 |  28:19 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Federal Legislation and Impact on Home Loan Forbearance and Loss Mitigation

    With the fluidity of the COVID-19 federal response, we have decided to update this special edition COVID-19 teleconference in order to cover the latest moves being made by the federal government.Laurence Platt discusses.




    March 20, 2020 |  28:40 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: SEC Disclosures, Shareholder Meeting Logistics and Filings for Public Companies

    The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 has raised a number of issues specific to public companies that file reports with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In this special edition COVID-19 update call, Michael Hermsen and Laura Richman will discuss.