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    May 27, 2020 |

    “Back to Business” for Outsourcing and other Technology-Based Services ContractsNot Out of the Woods Yet: Will Your Closed Deal Be “Repriced” by COVID-19?

    Technology Transactions partners Dan Masur, Brad Peterson and Linda Rhodes, along with senior associate Julian Dibbell, discuss steps to consider for outsourcing and other technology-based services contracts as we emerge from the pandemic.


    May 7, 2020 |  31.35 Minute Listen

    Not Out of the Woods Yet: Will Your Closed Deal Be “Repriced” by COVID-19?

    Corporate/M&A partners Paul Crimmins and Jennifer Keating and Litigation partner Brian Massengill discuss some key considerations for M&A practitioners in pending transactions, whether closed deals may be “repriced” and areas in which post-closing disputes may arise. This topic is likely to generate significant interest in the industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and related global financial crisis. Recorded on May 4, 2020 (prior to the resolution of the Victoria’s Secret litigation).



    May 7, 2020 |  39.57 Minute Listen

    A Storm’s a Brewin’! – The Inevitable Government Regulatory Scrutiny of the Response to the Current Pandemic

    Mayer Brown partners Marcia Madsen, Stephanie Robinson and Richard Rosenfeld  discuss what you need to know and what you need to do in regards to regulatory scrutiny during the current pandemic. Topics discussed include:

    Consumer Financial Protection Aspects of Stimulus

    • Forbearance and Foreclosure
    • PPP

    Enforcement: Lessons from the Past, Description of the Present

    • Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC)
    • Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR)
    • COVID-19 Congressional Oversight Commission (COC)


    • False Claims Act – Expect DOJ and Relators to Follow the Money
    • Stimulus IG, Agency IGs
    • Debarment and Suspension


    May 5, 2020 |  23.04 Minute Listen

    The Main Street Lending Program – The Federal Reserve’s Revised Proposed Terms

    On April 30, the Federal Reserve Board announced it is expanding the scope and eligibility for the Main Street Lending Program in order to further help credit flow to small and medium-sized businesses that were in sound financial condition before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Mayer Brown partners Fred Fisher, Jeff Taft, and Adam Wolk and associate Logan Payne discuss these new changes, which include:

    • A new third loan option for “priority loans,” with increased risk sharing by lenders
    • An expansion of the pool of businesses eligible to borrow and lenders eligible to lend (though in both cases, with important exclusions)
    • Leverage measures being based on “adjusted EBITDA”
    • And a step back from SOFR to LIBOR


    April 30, 2020 |  26.04 Minute Listen

    Bridging the Gap: Non-Cash Consideration in Post COVID-19 M&A

    M&A partners Paul Crimmins and Jennifer Keating and counsel Rebecca Seidl discuss non-cash considerations in post COVID-19 M&A.



    April 30, 2020 |  10.14 Minute Listen

    Episode 10 – UK Pensions Law Video – Podcast version

    In this cross practice episode, Jessica Walker and Beth Brown talk about how trustees might deal with COVID-19, including continuing to run their schemes and thinking about the potential impact on sponsoring employers.



    April 29, 2020 |  61.07 Minute Listen

    Life in the Time of Corona: What do UK Employers Need to be Thinking About Next?



    April 20, 2020 |  28:49 Minute Listen

    COVID-19 and Corporate Governance: Key Issues for Public Company Directors




     April 20, 2020 |  24:56 Minute Watch

    The Coronavirus pandemic: How London’s FSRE team can help financial services clients

    Speakers: Emma Khoo

    In the current pandemic, human and technological resources are stretched and firms have to focus on ensuring business continuity.

    This presentation goes through how Mayer Brown’s non-contentious FSRE team in London can help financial services clients during the pandemic in terms of:

    • Reviewing current rules on business continuity;
    • Anticipating future regulatory oversight;
    • Continuing to treat customers fairly;
    • Upholding regulatory reporting compliance; and
    • Updates on postponed regulatory changes.



    April 06, 2020 |  35:11 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Mortgage Servicing Advance Facilities – What to Watch For




    April 02, 2020 |  34:05 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Are You Essential? Making Sense of Conflicting Workplace Directives Attempting to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus




    April 02, 2020 |  28:45 Minute Listen

    The China Experience – Understanding the evolution of the COVID 19 crisis




    March 30, 2020 |  40:52 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: New Guidance from the GSEs and Federal Agencies Impacting Mortgage Loans and Program Requirements




    March 26, 2020 |  28:19 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: Federal Legislation and Impact on Home Loan Forbearance and Loss Mitigation




    March 20, 2020 |  28:40 Minute Listen

    COVID-19: SEC Disclosures, Shareholder Meeting Logistics and Filings for Public Companies